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Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for looking after Mollie while we went on holiday to Cyprus. I will definitely be recommending your kennels to all my family and friends and look forward to future holidays without worrying about her as I know she is in such good hands. I’m sure she too looks forward to the next stay with you all. Thanks again.

Thank you for look after our cat so well. It makes a huge difference to us all when we go away on holiday. He loves coming to your beautiful cattery and it means we never have to worry about him. Thank you again.

I would just like to say a huge thank you for all your care and attention given to Henry on his many holidays with you during 2017. We very much appreciate your kind and caring approach.

Thank you very much for all the love, care and attention you have given to my beloved dog Poppy and the two bunnies. We know they have been looked after so well and do appreciate your kindness. Thank you once again to everyone at Warley Cross.

Many heartfelt thanks for all you have done for my dog Storm. The loving care you give to the pets entrusted to you is above and beyond the call of duty.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all at Warley Cross Kennels for looking after me for the last eighteen months in regular day care. I am so grateful for all your care, attention and love. I will be back for more visits in the future x x x

We have tried other kennels in the past but having found Warley Cross we would not entrust our Bearded Collie, Tilly, with anyone else. Having moved from Yorkshire to Hampshire two years ago, we have no hesitation in travelling all those miles back to Warley Cross knowing that our Tilly is safe and well cared for while we are away (including our extended stay in Australia visiting family). Full marks to Michael, Marjorie and the entire team.

Thank you to everyone at Warley Cross Cattery who looked after our two cats so very well whilst we were away. The care you all provided was wonderful. You should all be very proud of the standards you set in this cattery. Thanks again.

Hello, my name is Willow, I’m a two & half year old German Shepherd. My Mum & Dad rescued me from a German Shepherd Rescue Kennels near Blackpool on Easter Monday 2016. I had been there for two whole months alone with no visitors at all. I’d been in lots of different homes and kennels in my fifteen months before the Blackpool kennels! I think I was born at a puppy farm!

I must admit I was a bit of a wayward girl, I know commands you humans give, but generally I try to ignore them. I’m protesting against the way I’ve been treated previously I suppose! But my Mum & Dad aren’t strangers to my breed, I understand there have been four other GSD’s before me so I don’t get away with much.

Well when my Mum & Dad had lost their last GSD Sheba & were looking to get another (me) they checked out a few kennels beforehand.

My Uncle Michael’s kennels at Warley Cross was found to be the best dog hotel you could imagine!
So after I was brought home & I felt comfortable & a bit more secure, Mum & Dad took me to meet Uncle Michael. Uncle Michael has his own GSD’s so again I was readily accepted there by him & his lovely staff. On the first meeting I was introduced to George, Uncle Michael’s own GSD, I barked & showed off, but he barked back, not quite sure what he’d said as I was running so fast in the opposite direction. Yes George it’s your territory for sure!!!!

Anyway the first visit only lasted half hour or so & we went all over the kennels site, wow, I’ve been in lots & lots of kennels in my short life but nothing quite like this one! I found out you even get a sausage to yourself when it’s time to go to bed! Can you believe that. Michelin star cuisine I call that!

Three exercise sessions a day in a secure compounds on your own so you don’t have to compete with the other guests, very clean beds (yuk I hate a clean bed), heating if you feel a bit nippy & lots off company (human & canine). You can even have a shampoo & set if your Mum & Dad ask for it (yuk again).

But because of my background it was decided that I should visit whilst out with my Mum & Dad a few times before staying. This was OK so I then went for half a day stay, then a full day. Now I’m more comfortable with everything I go for much longer now. I don’t bark half as much as I used too either.

Uncle Michael & his staff say I’m becoming a really good girl. It now looks like I have a forever home & a hotel when my Mum & Dad need a break where I can’t go.

So to all you dogs, oh & cats (grrrrrrrrrrrr) tell your Mum & Dad about my story & I might get to meet you there one day. I’m still a bit noisy so you’ll know when I arrive, still showing off a bit I suppose.

P.S. Don’t forget about the bedtime sausage guys, not too sure what the cats get; a fish perhaps?

P.P.S I did need a bit of help with the typing, I kept hitting the wrong keys with my big paws! Thank you Dad.

Thank you Uncle Michael & your wonderful staff for your hospitality I hope to stay with you again very soon.

From Willow in East Hull xxxx

Thank you so much to all the team at Warley Cross Kennels for looking after our three beautiful Boxer Dogs so well during their 12 day stay in March 2017 and for describing them as “perfect guests!”. We promise we’ll be back!

Just to say a big THANK YOU to you all at Warley Cross Kennels for taking such good care of our dog Jack. We always know that he is in capable and loving hands and so can relax on holiday. Thanks again.

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for looking after Lexi and Louie again for us. You look after them so well and we feel completely at ease leaving them with you, as we know you will love and care for them like we do. This to us is absolutely priceless. Once again THANK YOU and we look forward to seeing you again.

I would like to say a big thank you for looking after Aibo for 16 days. Aibo is a 5 year old Alaskan Malamute not the easiest of breeds and I was not looking forward to leaving him. I visited the kennels beforehand and the staff assured me he would be fine. He was placed in a quieter kennel with a huge run which I knew he’d be happy in as he likes to be out and observing. I kept in regular contact via email they said he was just fine. When we picked him up he was very happy and settled back in to his old routine with no problems he wasn’t hungry just his normal self. If the staff at Warley Cross Kennels can handle and enjoy having a Malamute I think anyone’s dog will be well cared for and wouldn’t hesitate to put Aibo there again. We live in Scarborough and felt it worth the journey. Thanks again to everyone.

Just wanted so say THANK YOU so much to all of you for once again looking after our gorgeous Jet!
He is absolutely shattered he did mention that girls who work in the kennels shower him with cuddles so I need to up the cuddle counter at home 😀!

Jet is missing you all! Thank you again, you all do a fabulous job.

I would just like to say a massive thank you to you and all your staff for the superb treatment Lady & Nellie received while we were away on holiday. As I’m sure is the case for many of your clients our dogs are our family and to be able to go away having peace of mind that they are themselves getting 5 star treatment is a weight of our shoulders. The genuine love and devotion your staff have for animals is amazing and I would recommend you to anyone.
We look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Thank you for the loving care and attention you gave to my cat and rabbits during their stay with you, we cannot thank you enough. It is always a pleasure bringing our pets to you as I know they are well looked after and everybody is so pleasant. Your kennels and cattery are immaculate and that is thanks to the wonderful team you have at Warley Cross.

I would like to say thank you for the love and care Stella received during her two week stay with you. Also a very be thank you for being so flexible due to our flight delay.

We thought your kennels were superb and easily the cleanest we have seen. We will recommend you to the hundreds of dog people we know and will certainly use you again.

Hello, my name is Willow, I’m now a three year old German Shepherd. Well I will be on the 31stDecember. It’s not my actual birthday because when my Mum & Dad rescued me from a German Shepherd Rescue Kennels near Blackpool on Easter Monday 2016, the rescue kennels only had an idea I was born in the month of December. So Mum & Dad thought the 31st was as good a date as any for my birthday. My special day, more about that later.

I had been in the Rescue Kennels for two whole months alone with no visitors at all. I’d been in lots of different homes and kennels in my fifteen months before the Blackpool kennels! I think I was born at a puppy farm!

At this point dear human & dog reader, you may have read my previous story in July 2017 where I explain my demeanour. I believe Uncle Michael has put it on something called The Warley Cross Kennels website. My life has changed rather a lot in the last five months I can tell you, but all for the good mind!

Anyway the reason for writing is to tell you that very magical things happen at Warley Cross Kennels!

Let me explain, when I was rescued by my Mum & Dad from the kennels near Preston, the lady who’d been looking after me gave me a leaving present of a doggy toy. It was a pink squeaky Hippopotamus with four pink tails hanging down. It was given a name of “Octihip” for me know it by when I was playing with my other toys. It became one of my absolute favourite toys, the squeak died after a few days, well I am a German Shepherd after all. Anyway its condition became so bad my Mum had to make a new fabric covering. Unfortunately it became too ragged & my “Octihip” was no more!!!

A few weeks ago my Mum & Dad left me at Uncle Michaels kennels while they went away for a break. Now I wasn’t on my best behaviour that first night & started to show off by barking when it was “lights out” & I should have been sleeping. Uncle Michael came out to my kennel to check I was OK, which I was of course, just me misbehaving!

Then after Uncle Michael went back indoors I was thinking about my toys back at home & wishing I still had my “Octihip”. My kennel neighbour, a scruffy mongrel with a couple of bells fitted to his collar, they kind of made a jingling sound when he moved, asked me why I was so sad. When I’d finished explaining about my favourite toy to him, he told me about this Christmas time thing humans celebrate. He explained it in some detail about how you make a wish & if you believe strongly enough in miracles then those things you wish for could come true! Well I wished really hard for a new pink “Octihip” just like my original. But I knew deep down it wasn’t likely to arrive as my Mum & Dad had been looking in all the pet shops & garden centres for ages, but just couldn’t find one anywhere.

Mum & Dad came back & picked me up & we went home. They started to do something called Christmas shopping, going off for what seemed like hours. One day I heard a squeaking sound coming from a bedroom from where I was banned. I could hear a lot of paper rustling going on but nothing came out of the bedroom!

Christmas Day arrived. I had two presents from Father Christmas.

Mum & Dad got me one, it was a rather large squeaky rugby ball, haven’t burst it yet!
The second present was from anonymous, it was my brand new pink “Octihip” just like my first favourite toy!

So maybe the dog in the next kennel knew something after all.

Was he linked to Father Christmas or even our own dog version Father Christmas……….?

From Willow in East Hull xxxx

We have been away for a week leaving our 2 dogs and 14 week old puppy along with our 3 cats at Warley Cross Kennels & Cattery. We would like to say that they have been looked after to the highest standard possible. They all came out looking great and really relaxed and we would highly recommend this to anybody looking to leave their dog or cat for any length of time. The team are very passionate about the service and care they provide to all their boarders.

With this said we had a fantastic break knowing our pets were in safe hands.

Thank you so much for the fantastic care you give to our dog Derek. We can tell he settles at Warley Cross and the level of love and care you all provide is very much appreciated.

Thank you to you all for making doggy day care so much fun! I did not have to worry about him during his stay with you.

Angel, George and Sherlock would like to thank you for looking after them so well when we had to leave them with you while we travelled to Orkney. They all said they had a wonderful time and whilst they were pleased to see us back, they also felt sad at leaving Warley Cross. They have settled back into our normal routine with no bother, and are asking when we are going away again! Thank you very much for caring for our cherished furry friends.

Buckets of thanks for the lovely care you gave me on my stay with you over Christmas. Looking forward to my next stay with you all. Hops and love, Mr Bojangles xXx

I know we don’t come to stay with you very often, but when we do we love it! You all look after us so well at Warley Cross. Thank you for putting up with us, especially Milo who lets everyone know he’s around!

Once again I write to thank you all for looking after my precious babies. You are a wonderful team.

Thank you for looking after Parker so sympathetically. As you know it was his first experience of kennels and we were anxious about how he would respond. He’s obviously had a wonderful time and will be back in four weeks!

We can’t thank you and your family enough for the quality of care you gave to our Ellie last week. She clearly enjoyed her week long stay with you and returned home in wonderful condition. We had not used your kennels before but were extremely impressed with both the facilities and the approach of your family & staff when caring for the ‘guests’. We will be recommending your kennels to our family and friends.

Just a quick note to thank you for looking after Charlie this weekend, it is very much appreciated. I would like to say that you have a really well organised business and have no hesitation in recommending Warley Cross Kennels to friends and family. See you again soon!

A huge thank you yet again for looking after my Belle so well. It’s hard to leave her whenever I go away but, I know that she’s happy with you all and enjoys being spoilt at her ‘second home’!!

See you again in September!

Many thanks again.

Thank you for the care you have taken in looking after my dog. Your family and staff all care about the animals so very much. We will be back again soon.

We just wanted to say a very big thank you for looking after Harvey for us whilst we went on holiday. Harvey came back to us looking his very best, we do believe Harvey had as much of a good time as we did! Thank you so much.

I was very pleased with your wonderful kennels, my Labrador didn’t complain so I know she liked it too! Thank you once again and we will be back again next year.

Just to say a big thank you for all the love, care and attention given to our two dogs while we were away on holiday. It gives us great comfort and peace of mind knowing they are well looked after and each of their individual needs catered for. As you can imagine this makes our holidays all the more enjoyable. Thank you again.

Many thanks once again for looking after my gang of dogs. I know they were all very happy in their home from home at Warley Cross Kennels. Kindest thoughts to you all for giving them so much care. They will all be back next month!

My friend and I visited your establishment this morning as we are looking for a suitable kennel facility for our beloved dogs. Our dogs have never been in kennels so we were nervous about the thought of leaving them ( which I’m sure you encounter on numerous occasions ! ) We were incredibly impressed with all of your facilities but mostly how friendly and clearly passionate everyone was whom we met and as a result, we left feeling much more relaxed that our furbabies would be well cared for during a visit with you.

Just a quick note to say thank you for taking such good care of us and for saying to Mummy that we were good, as I know I can be a little monkey, stealing anything that is in reach or in pockets, Barney is the angel!

Mummy says we have come home all chilled out and relaxed, which I guess is a good thing you humans like. We had a great time so thank you to you and everyone who played with us.



Thank you for taking care of our dog during our recent holiday. We knew she was in great care and will certainly recommend your kennels.

Warley Cross Kennels and Cattery 3 Best Rated 2024
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Warley Cross Kennels and Cattery 3 Best Rated 2024


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